11 Phrases That People Love to Hear

I’ve reached that peculiar moment in my life when I want the people around me to be happy and feel good about themselves. The entirety of my existence has been spent cultivating the illusion that I am unique and thus deserving of special treatment. It has taken some practice to switch roles and do all I can to make other people feel appreciated.

One of the most useful practices I've adopted throughout this period is focusing on the snippets of conversation in which I or others genuinely seem to enjoy themselves. To take things a step further, I've begun using them in my everyday speech.

The sentences below aren’t meant to help you get laid or to get you on the radar of someone you are sexually attracted to. Simply said, they're a compilation of well-liked sayings. They make people grin. They make me grin.

Firstly, "I was contemplating you."

About a year and a half ago, I confided in Tom Kuegler (with whom I had only had a few brief conversations) that I was struggling to keep my anxiety in check. I got a message a few days after our talk saying, "I hope you are doing well because I have been thinking about you." I liked Tom previous to getting this letter, but after he sent it I adored him – and so did my wife. With just that one statement, I knew we'd be buddies for life.

This is a bit of an extreme case, but if you are thinking about someone – let them know. That this adage is also accurate is its finest feature. We always have one another in our thoughts, therefore sharing our whereabouts can only help our relationships. “I was thinking about you and it dawned on me that we haven’t spoken in a while.” I appreciate your calling. I’ve been thinking of you.”

Secondly, "You look great."

Please hear me out before you jump to conclusions and accuse me of trying to find friends rather than romantic partners. You look excellent if you are healthy, cheerful, and at ease.

Time has passed. That's a nice outfit you're wearing. Combine that with "I've been thinking about you" for added effect. You're sporting a nice new appearance. Women offer each other praise all the time. When men do this, it's not considered inappropriate. My buddy Brian Pennie put it best: "I feel absolutely beautiful when people tell me I look well."

What do you think?

I'm really interested in hearing about your time with W. “Can you tell me more about Z?” “I’d love to have your perspective on Y.” "I was hoping to obtain your opinion about Z if possible."

Most individuals enjoy to share their experiences. They enjoy to discuss about their lessons learnt. They love to feel that their voice is valued and people appreciate their opinion. So when chatting to someone about a topic that is clearly significant to them, ask them to express their ideas. You may rest assured that others will view you in a more favorable light as a result. In addition, if you make an attempt to understand the other person's perspective, your relationship is far less likely to go away.

4. "Your perspective on life is really refreshing."

Personally, I think it's great when people find me intriguing. When I'm with you, I always take away fresh information. That's fascinating. No, I had never considered it that way before. I feel like I'm going to fly away after reading these sentences.

I say you try them out and see what you think. If you want to get even with someone, just tell them how interesting they are when they tell you anything. The words "I adore the way you think" are among the most endearing a person can hear.

5 When we last spoke, you informed me X.

For the first time in over a month, I was able to catch up with my friend Nick Wignall just yesterday. The last time we spoke, you told me about X." was the opening line in three different conversations I overheard him start. I was wondering, "How are things?" I could see he was concerned about me as a person because of this. True, he has a Ph.D. in psychology and must be an excellent listener for his job. But you don't have to spend ten years in class to get this term into your everyday speech.

When we last spoke, you told me about your exciting new endeavor. "How's it going? Since we last spoke, I know that your mother's health has been declining. I really hope she's feeling better. The smallest of details is of no concern to this one. More attention to minute particulars is welcome. It's gold to follow up on their mother's story. A question that specifically mentions her name is a gold mine. Showing someone they have your undivided attention is the highest form of flattery.

I took your recommendation and it worked!

About three weeks ago, Niklas Göke and I were strolling the seedy alleys of Barcelona while discussing literature and life. After making a casual remark, he messaged me a few days later to say that my suggestion had helped much with his job. The smile on my face was genuine. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Nik. In retrospect, it was gratifying to realize that I had helped him make the proper decision.

As you suggested, I now store my laptop in the trunk of my car every night so that I can fully unplug from work when I get home. Such a thing has been a blessing. Much obliged. Listening to others is greatly appreciated, as I've already mentioned. Yet, nothing makes them happier than hearing that what they said helped another person or changed their perspective on something.

Seventhly, we hear, "I miss you."

I'm based in a little Catalonian village, some 9,000 kilometers from my nearest and dearest. The two of you have gotten increasingly withdrawn from one another over the years. However, once a month or so, I check my email or phone and find a message from a friend telling me they miss me. Yes, please!

If you have an old buddy you've been meaning to get in touch with, do it now. Include a mention of anything that will make them happy and let them know that you've been thinking about them. One second out of your life may go a long way toward ensuring your friendship lasts a lifetime.

I genuinely respect Y in you.

We can find something admirable in every individual we meet. Keeping an eye out for someone and showing them appreciation would never hurt your relationship.

A lot of people look up to you because of how well you get along with others. A lot of people seem to like you. "You inspire me with your resilience. I doubt I could have coped if something like that had occurred to me. Here is another chance to be specific, highlighting the little things or highlighting the progress made in an area you know is very meaningful to them: “Wow. You've made tremendous progress in your Spanish. To put it simply: "I respect your dedication to this project."

Countless times I've found myself saying, "I adore your enthusiasm."

I can't prove it, but I guess that no one has ever heard the compliment, "You have the best energy. " and then walked away with a frown on their face. Whenever I'm able to see you, I feel better.

Your energy is wonderful. I absolutely respect your unflappable optimism. When I'm with you, nothing but good times ensue. This may seem a little corny, but bear with me. But if there's one thing I've learned in my 41 years, it's that giving yourself permission to be corny every once in a while is great for your relationships.

Ten. "When I saw this, you sprang to mind."

On Sunday, my phone chirped, and I checked it to see a fresh message from my buddy John Gorman, who wrote, "I enjoyed this post and I felt it was also in your wheelhouse." John is famous for making women feel special, but after reading his touching note, I felt a flush rise to my cheeks. A note that probably took him less than ten seconds to compose pumped me up.

Share the tune that brought you back to the summer of '09 with your old listening buddy. Share the news with that special someone if a scene in a film brought back memories of spending time together. If you see a pair of amusing socks for $5 and you know your friend would like them, purchase them. My mother always emphasized to me as a young man that ladies like presents given to them at inopportune moments. Men in their mid-30s also tend to do this, it seems.

Eleven. "I appreciate your virtue.

I wanted to feature just instances of guys being supportive of one another in this piece. God knows guys should be flattering women more often. Although it would be great if they complimented each other more often, I find that they tend to be somewhat critical of one another. Maybe if we all felt like we belonged, we'd be more accepting of one another, regardless of our differences in age, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

But Darcy Reeder ruined my plans last night by texting me the words "Thank you so much for being a decent man/person."

Though it may seem insignificant, Darcy's words meant the world to me after I'd been making a concerted effort to improve my character over the past few years. I think if you spoke it to more people they would enjoy it too. In general, people are decent. Perhaps if we used that phrase more frequently, we might treat each other better.

There you have it; eleven of the most popular phrases in the world.

None of them are very difficult to understand, in case you hadn't already guessed that from reading them. Most of the sentences and the individual words that make them up are really rather compact.

Both the positive and negative effects of our words are powerful.

Just use the nice ones, why not?

Please share with me the phrases and words that make you happy to hear in the comments section. Perhaps we can start using them more frequently amongst ourselves.

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